Stages of Jeep Love

It started off with needing tires or shocks on your stock Jeep. Then you did a little research and saw online that a 3" lift kit and some 31's aren't that expensive.


It began. I'll go another 1.5, then well, I might as well go 2.5 or 3.5 on top off my 3" and I might as well put those 34's or 35's I always wanted. THATS WHEN YOU FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR JEEP!!!!!!!!





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Welcome to NYC Jeep Club

wb joe

New things to NYC jeep club.

We now have a new Forum up for our membersand new members,

NOTE: old members will have to join the forum, Im working on a lot of changes to the site
to get ready for our first year marker .
Thank you all


About us at NYC Jeep club

It started out with a couple of friends from Queens, New York who ride dirt bikes, love the dirt & mud and got some Jeeps with worn out suspensions .When the time came to replace worn out parts, well that's when we found out how much stuff they make for Jeeps. That's all we needed to see. The lifts came, then tires, then the drive shafts, then lockers and so on and so on.

We wanted to meet some people or clubs in our area and little to our surprise there were not too many if any as of Dec. 2010. I decided to start the NYC Jeep Club. Now, this is a new club for all types of Jeep owners and will be growing with new things that will be added quite often such as members, photos, videos, forums, links, .

This website is for Jeep owners in the 5 boroughs of NYC and Long Island. This site is for sharing off road trail information for the local areas that are hard to find as well as weekend meets and trips.

Postings: will be updated as we get them and verify (we don't want anyone taking unnecessary trips to locations that are not there). So, if you find good drives or trails or meets, send postings to NYC Jeep Mail.

Photos: try not to send too big of a file. Write "Jeep pic" as the subject when sending pics to: jeep photo mail


NYC/Queens/Brooklyn meet and greet's

73-25 Woodhaven Blvd Queens, NY 11385
In the Five guys/home depot parking lot
staring at 8:00 pm On the last friday of evry month

The city members will be holding a meet and greet.

The first meet will be held on Friday April 29 2011

Bring some photos bring some friends lets talk and have some fun!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So come join us and have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!