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ok guy's and gal's our membership application and due's for 2016 will be collected .you can down load print and fill out and bring to the next meet and greet's
If you will not be at the next meet and greet please PM me and i will give you my mailing address

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Jeep Builds / 88 MJ
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:39:19 PM »
I had previously built an 89 LWB MJ but had but I wanted to go a different route so I sold it and bought a bone stock 88 2wd 5 speed short bed.

Started collecting parts and tearing it down.

Bench seat had to go. Doesnt keep your butt stable while your slopping around on the trails. Picked up some cherokee buckets that will work.

Perks of buying a NE jeep. Lucky me.

Lets start cutting stuff and making room.

Bye bye dana 30

I'm aiming for 40" tires with as little lift as possible. To help with this I got some TNT inner fenders.

I did not enjoy the 5 speed on the trail in my last MJ so I opted for an AW4 this time around. I'm using an electronic shifter from RAdesign mounted in a stock console and it works flawlessly.

I'm using hydro assist PSC ram and pump. I tapped the stock box, so far so good. Tight fit with the electic fan shroud but it works.

Trans and PS coolers

Stock airbox had to go due to the new fenders

The front axle is a Dana 60 from a 99-04 f250 Spartan locker, warn hubs, 5.38 gears its narrowed to 64" WMS.
Front susepnsion is Clayton long arms with Rubicon Express 5" coils

Picked up some 40" goodyears

Rear is a Dana 60 from an E350. its ~65" WMS. These 60's have larger spindles to allow 35 spline shafts without having to bore anything out.

Ready for its first run.

First run went well until I was messing around at the end of the day and broke a front hub and destroyed the rear drive shaft. Little body damage and some more trimming is needed.

On the to do list:

Drive slugs and 35 spline outers

New Club Member Introduction / Re: I finally got my Jeep!
« on: February 21, 2016, 06:13:34 PM »

New Club Member Introduction / New Member LI
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:55:03 AM »
Hey I'm Ryan I live in Suffolk county. I have a 1988 MJ currently in the process of being tore down and rebuilt with some 60s, Shooting for 38-40" tires and ready to go in the next few months here. I'll hopefully try and make it to one of the Suffolk meets.

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