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ok guy's and gal's our membership application and due's for 2016 will be collected .you can down load print and fill out and bring to the next meet and greet's
If you will not be at the next meet and greet please PM me and i will give you my mailing address

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The Great Outdoors / 2017 Suffolk County Outer Beach Passes
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:15:28 AM »
Suffolk county outer beach 4x4Passes are on sale at this time and you must bring the truck you want the sticker for.

***Please note, they did away with the bumper sticker. Now a new window sticker will be used.

-Cost: Resident cost is now $100.  Call for non-resident and PD/FD/DV pricing.

Numbers of use:
Smith Point 631-852-1313
West Sayville Offices 631-854-4949

The Great Outdoors / 2016 Suffolk County Outer Beach Passes
« on: February 03, 2016, 03:42:43 PM »
Okay, just called the County office and here's the latest info regarding outer beach passes:
-Not on sale yet:  Stickers will be in over the next couple of weeks.  2015 stickers will be honored until then.
-Cost: Resident cost is now $100.  Call for non-resident and PD/FD/DV pricing.
-Can be used at all county beaches except Smith Point.  They are still repairing the beach and haven't set a reopen date yet.

Numbers of use:
Smith Point 631-852-1313
West Sayville Offices 631-854-4949

Sports / Super Bowl 50
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:02:23 AM »
Where's everyone going for the Super Bowl?  Anyone going to Miller's Ale House?

The Great Outdoors / Suffolk County Camping Reservations
« on: January 21, 2016, 08:58:01 AM »
System is up and they are currently booking into April for county parks.  Hope to see you out there!

Club News / NYC Tee’s and Hoodies are now available to order!
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:58:06 PM »
NYC Tee’s and Hoodies are now available to order. Both have the new club logo on the back and the NYC Jeep logo on the front left chest. Tee’s are $20 and Hoodies are $35 and will be available for pickup at one of several meeting locations on or before November 21st. Please use the directions below to order through Paypal. If you're unable to do so through Paypal and want to order a shirt/hoodie please talk to an officer at a local meet. We will work something out for those of you who live remote.

Directions for ordering through Paypal:

Log onto www.paypal.com
Log in (or register a new account and log in)
Click “Pay or send money”
Click “Send money to friends or family”
Enter email: "This email has been removed post order"
Click “Next”
Enter the total amount $USD for the items you are requesting (Tee’s are $20 and Hoodies are $35).
***Click “Special instructions to Seller” (we need to know what the money is for, enter the items along with quantities and (adult) sizes for each item requested).
Verify your shipping address (items are for local pickup unless otherwise arranged).
Click “Continue”
Verify Banking information
Click “Send Money Know”

Sports / 2015 World Series
« on: October 28, 2015, 10:59:27 AM »
So not the start we were looking for but I know a lot of you sleep deprived Mets fans will be cheering them on again tonight in Game 2.

Jeep Builds / Cybergrunt's 1999 XJ Build
« on: January 07, 2014, 12:20:40 AM »
Cybergrunt's 99 XJ Build

I pulled this build from another forum that I'm a member of and removed all of the comments.  So here's one long upload!

The story:

I came across this XJ on Halloween day 2010 walking the kids around the neighborhood. Caught the owner just as he was putting the For Sale sign on the windshield. After a brief negotiation I drove it away for $850. A 3 foot piece of brake line and with a couple of stock tires later it was good for inspection. Not bad for a Jeep that was garage kept it’s whole life.

After Winter wheeling with a couple of friends (Tom & Geoff) I soon realized I needed recovery points
I first installed a Curt Class III rear hitch with D ring

Next was a set of Rugged Ridge front tow hooks

To work with the recovery points I picked up a Hi-Lift from Summit Racing and a River Raider interior mount from River City Offroad.

A forum review:
River Raider XJ Hi-Lift Mount

It comes with two steel brackets (good quality), 3 hardened bolts (one is a longer replacement for the lift
head bolt), three wing nuts and lock washers. Very simple installation, the brackets reuse the (6) factory seat catch bolts. The factory brackets go right over the new brackets, the factory bolts are plenty long enough. You will have to play with the bracket alignment a little on each side to get the seat to latch and lock into place before you tighten them down. If you want to keep the lift jaw pointing down and a full size spare (up to a 235x75x15) secured to the tire holder then you will have to do the following as shown in the picture below:
1- Position the lift head on the inside of the mount on the drivers side (between the bracket and seat). A
235x75x15 spare will just clear the bolt head and bracket.
2- In order to clear the wheel well you will have to invert the lift base (not needed if you keep the jaw
pointed up). Pull out the cotter pin and reverse the base, then reinsert the pin. Note that this is a hardened pin and you may need to bend the two tips back together in order to put back into place. Have a heavy pair of pliers and something to wedge inside the pin.

Accessories to go along with the recovery points

Now, time to test the waters with a budget boost lift. I installed a Rough Country 2” budget boost to help out the sagging springs.

Scored a set of JKS Quicker Disconnects from an auto wrecking yard for 7 bucks. They went in with the budget boost.

Got around to installing a CB and SmittyBilt gear seat cover for some trail riding.

Along with the Seat cover I got fishing rod holders for Christmas 2011

First wheeling trip of 2012

Not one to go around the water, I knew it was time for a real lift after my buddies towed me out of the drink.

Not wanting to go through a wet vac regiment again, I decided to gut the interior so I could get to the drain plugs and later bed line the interior.

Time for the lift
I went with a Rough Country 4.5 X-Series lift from River City Offroad. To go with the lift I picked up a Hack n Tap from Dirtbound Offroad along with a used front drive shaft for the conversion.

After picking John’s brain for months down at Planet Auto (Now Goonies Garage) about lift ideas I also decided to go with PA for the install. I had just gotten new Champion/AE aluminum radiator from PA a couple of weeks earlier and knew they do good work and the turnaround time was quick.

In she goes

John had an idea to shorten the spline for the H&T instead of the modifying the drive shaft. Net result, I can wheel with an extra (front) drive shaft on board and use it on the front or rear in case of SNAFU on the trails.

And out she comes, along with soft 8’s and 32" BFG’s!

Putting the lift through it’s paces

What it’s all about! My girls are usually with me at the beach as well, nice to share something we can all

Just before Mother’s Day 2012. Got the Bushwacker flatties in, thanks to Marcus over at River City, and started removing the stock flares. Also got a new set of Duratracs to put on the soft 8’s. I should have plenty of room shortly.

After I’m done installing the new flares I’ve got some skids to install. 10 bucks a piece at the auto wrecking yard, I’m stoked!

•   05-20-2012, 10:18 PM
Had some time this weekend to start installing the Bushwacker flat flares.

Removed more trim, getting ready to mount the inner mounts

With the splash guard removed and the inner mounts temporarily in place. Tracing out under the mounts for trimming.

Upper material removed, getting ready to fold back the material on the bottom left.

Trimming the front bumper

The front bumper trimmed and the material on the left folded back.

The inner mounts permanently mounted.

The flare mounted to the inner mount.

Repeating the process for the rear

The finished passenger side!

•   06-27-2012, 12:58 PM
Got some work done this morning on the Jeep. These are some of the parts that I picked up from Bandit.

A little scuffing & fresh paint and the guards look brand new!

Gonna strip and paint the bumper today

Next will be prepping the engine skid.

New Club Member Introduction / Hello From Long Island
« on: June 16, 2013, 09:10:26 AM »
Like Brian (Hummeron37s) I know a few of you here and wanted to say hello.  I have a few 4x4's but mainly wheel the XJ.

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