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Stages of Jeep Love

It started off with needing tires or shocks on your stock Jeep. Then you did a little research and saw online that a 3" lift kit and some 31's aren't that expensive.


It began. I'll go another 1.5, then well, I might as well go 2.5 or 3.5 on top off my 3" and I might as well put those 34's or 35's I always wanted. THATS WHEN YOU FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR JEEP!!!!!!!!


W. B. Joe


Location:Queens ,New York
My ride:1998 XJ chrokee140.000mi
Mods:Front Rusty's 6.5 inch lift springs and adjustable flex control arms .
Iron man adjustable track bar and 2-3.5 inch adjustable rear leaf shekels
with Rough country 3 inch lift springs.32x11.5 on a 15x10 inch rim.



3 inch lift..

6.5 inch lift

6.5 inch lift with 32s